Strength For My Sisters

More than half of the 300+ shoes collected during covid-19 have been distributed as an entry point to connect with women and girls involved in street prostitution.

Hence, After Dark Outreach, was an easy launch after seeing two women walking the streets of Milwaukee, WI with no shoes on.


boots, sweaters, jackets & soup

Saturday, October 10th


32nd & Lisbon

Milwaukee, WI

Join Dana World-Patterson, Founder/Executive Director of Foundations for Freedom, Inc., her Team, Alderman Russell Stamper, ll, Rise N' Grind, the Office of Violence Prevention and Community Leaders for an afternoon of 'meeting them where they are' distributing outerwear, condoms, resources, and soup.


Do You Have Shoes/Boots in Very Good Condition? Yes, We Want Them.

                             414.323.7273 :: 414.698.4187                        





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