Tune in while our Founder and Executive Director speaks on the importance of eradicating
Human Trafficking! 

Dana World-Patterson

has devoted thirty-one years to teaching etiquette & image and has served thousands of individuals through her love to see people be better. The past fourteen years has been a deep dive in eradicating human trafficking.

Her journey began as she noticed the rising anger in girls she encountered through her etiquette trainings. After months of observations, she asked a group of 15 girls she was mentoring, 'how many of them had been touched inappropriately?', and to her dismay 14 of the 15 raised their hands. Although saddened and hurt, a very important piece of the puzzle was revealed. The anger was a cry for help.

Amidst growing awareness of human sex trafficking, Dana joined forces as a founding member of the County Human Trafficking Task Force and when it sunset, she then transitioned as Chairperson of the Human Trafficking Task Force of Greater Milwaukee, an affiliate of the City of Milwaukee Commission on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. The HTTFGM is an assembling of like-minded individuals to be the community response to eradicating human trafficking.

Within this time, Dana World-Patterson, also established Foundations for Freedom, Inc., a 501c3, not-for-profit entity, existing to strengthen women and girls, reduce their vulnerabilities and eradicate human trafficking through education, awareness, advocacy and prevention.

Dana believes, "OneLess victim in Milwaukee is OneLess victim in the world". She works locally and is faced globally.  Recent trips to Africa and Mexico support Foundations for Freedom, Inc. vision to strengthen women and girls around the world.

The eradication of human trafficking is community based and prevention is its core. Hence, Project PINK (People Inspiring Needful Knowledge) was established as an explosion of community engaged women and men committed to talk, teach, and train through a hands-on curriculum for middle and high school girls.

Dana believes 'it is okay to be better' and 'she was born for such a time as this'.

Her daily work has become wind beneath her wings. Dana is a Humanitarian, Speaker, Author, Teacher and Assistant Pastor with her husband. She has received numerous acknowledgments and awards for her efforts to eradicate human trafficking. Presently, Dana is pursuing her Master of Science degree Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She holds an undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology from Jackson State University and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in counseling and substance abuse from UW-Oshkosh.


Dana loves fine things and continues to serve and explore this journey as a life-long learner.